Who we are


Allowing Joy is Sue Davies, a lifelong seeker and questioner.


We have lots in the pipeline coming.....

Online Courses ~ Meditations ~ Intuitive Art


There is a lot of meat to be added to the bones of this site.

Drawing on 30 years Personal development and Spiritual Growth, increasing Joy and Abundance in every way.


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Our Passions

The Law of Attraction is always switched on. Co-creating and in alignment with your desires. Enjoying Abundance in every way.

As each of us commit to our own self-healing, we contribute to healing our world. Be it through Reiki or another form.

Join Sue on the leading edge. Connecting to our Higher Self and High Level Guides.

Online classes available.

Moments of daily Mindfulness to reduce stress and overwhelm, returning us to the here and now.

Meditations for health & well-being.

Allowing Joy into our hearts in advance, attracts our desire to us all the quicker. It also feels good.

Lead with Gratitude.

Inspirational Art and Items for connection, focus and healing. Unique and created with joy by Sue. Available from Sue's Etsy store.

Sue's motivation


"If my sharing my journey and experience, aids someone else, that's grand.


We of us are each unique and magnificent beings, accepting and believing in ourselves can be our biggest stumbling block.


I'd like to encoencourage others to live the best and most joyous life they can, regardless of their starting place."


One of the great gifts Sue has imparted to me is to focus on the positive and to put my energy into this.

Sue comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping people develop themselves to be the best they can be.

My outlook on life has completly changed. I have more confidence and self esteem.

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