About us

Who is Sue?


A lifelong questioner and seeker of truths.  Sue has amassed over 20+ years of experience as an Energy Practitioner and Teacher of various disciplines (see below), partnered with her natural intuitive abilities, Sue is now reaching a wider audiance online.

No longer offering hands on sessions or classes, she has stepped into a new level of growth and personal evolvement.


Why 'Allowing Joy'? Everything we want follows Joy, live now as if.

Guided by Spirit and her Higher Self, Sue is sharing her knowledge here for the benefit of fellow truth seekers.


Live the Life you Desire


Are you living the life you desire?

Are you crippled by Stress?

Employing various tools, techniques and mind hacks you can transform your inner world, which will reflect in you outer world.


Including the Law of Attraction. Meditations. Visualisations and Mindfulness. 

Higher Wisdom


As well as communing with her Higher Self, Sue has been developing her connection to a High Level Guide for some time, originally resistant, she is now Channelling their teaching and wisdom regularly.


This potent information is being incorporated into Blogs and Online classes.



Creativity and Art, in whatever form that takes can be communication from our Soul, if we allow it.

Really connecting to and getting in flow with our creations is a joyous and life enriching experience.

Maybe Sue’s journey will inspires you to dabble.

Our Offerings

Sue's Art and creations are available for sale from her Etsy store - Allowing Joy Art.

Follow the link here

You will find Blog posts on various topics, including updates following Sue's connection to and Channelling her Guide.

Meditations and Classes of all sorts for you to access 24/7 from wherever you are.

Coming soon...


Allowing Joy Art

Online Options

Sue's expertise -

Sue has vast professional experience to draw upon. A Reiki Master Teacher since 2000, working in both her private practice and a palliative care setting, as well as regularly teaching classes to all levels.  

Also qualified as a Life Coach, Meditation, Mindfulness and Law of Attraction Practitioner. Sue is additionally an Advanced Level Practitioner of both EFT and Reflexology. Has a PTLLS Teaching qualification and is a former Tai Chi Instructor.