Stepping Up - Conversations with Spirit


It was lock-down in 2020 and I was on my daily local walk, out in the wind and piddly rain. I was in a bit of a harrumph about not having enough money, cash flow, being in the same loop that I've been in many times in my life when I heard a voice very clearly so say....


So change it


What? I said to myself. I heard this voice again say So change it you, have the choice.


They knew they got my attention and I do respond to a challenge.


You have the tools, you have the skills, why do you keep mythering in this old mental place when you can change it? Create the reality you want, create the abundance you want, we will help you.


I was out a walk on my own and there was no one about. Where this voice was entering my head was familiar to me, behind my right ear.  I used to get lots of info coming in that way when I was teaching Reiki or during a treatment.  I always knew it wasn’t my thinking as there was a different tone to it, like an accent or a regional dialect that we have within our English language.




I saw flash before my eyes, the front covers of various books that I have read and still own. I knew they were telling me that these books contained all the information that I needed, as a reminder of the knowledge that I already had.


It’s interesting that over so many years, I’ve had numerous clear outs of personal development books, of all sorts. Yet I have retained some, that I just knew for some reason I simply had to hold onto, as a sort of a reference book thing, as a reminder of what really important to my souls knowledge base.




"Can I?" I asked, doubting myself. "Can I really do this and make changes I want?" I questioned. Yes of course you can they answered.  It's about time you stepped up. How bad have things got to be before you really acknowledge and make the changes. You keep going round in these loops,  you have the knowledge and the skills to make changes and yet you don't. Wow, don't mince you words I thought.  Is it because the old place is so familiar to you that you prefer to stay there? "Good point" I answered. I knew what they were asking me was true and I felt uncomfortable in that moment of realisation, there was no hiding from them and I was settled in an old familure, if uncomfortable place.


School of Learning


It occurred to me at this point, that I was walking a path around a local school, a place of education and learning.  And though today was a Saturday, the school was closed (lockdown) to all but a few. Most kids were trying to maintain their education at home. 

Many adults were also at home, with their laptops and tablets, trying to maintain some normality yet feeling their lives are ‘on hold’, in an equally uncomfortable place.






If you don't want to make the changes don't ask for help. There's no messing about with this lot, they say it as it is. Your contribution to the world will be to make the changes and to put into action all that you know.


All this will be seen, and noticed and be of inspiration. Your action can make a direct impact on the lives of others.


If you don't want to do it for yourself do it for them, as an example.  But know that putting these things into practise you will change your life forever.


Would that be so bad? Changing your financial reality?


"Goodness I don't think so, I'm pretty fed up with things as they are" I replied. Having just enough but not really more than enough, certainly not having enough to relax and let go and  not actually seeing any future way of changing this in my current reality.

So, they said the choice is yours, put up and shut up, or do something about it. The choice is yours.


Stepping Up


"Okay," I said. "I'm ready,  let's do this. Let's make some changes, I'm stepping up.... big time! And if, as you say the benefit is for other people to learn and change things in their lives, that feels okay."


If it's just changing my life for my personal gain, somehow that doesn't really feel enough of a reason, it feels selfish and I feel somewhat uncomfortable with that (my stuff I know).


Crazy as it is, making the changes in my life to aid others sort of feels really good.  It's like giving me permission, to do all that I can do and make all the remarkable changes that I possibly can in my life. And if my sharing what I do, and the steps that I take, impacts on just one person, that is enough. If it impacts on the lives of many more, then that is really is fantastic.


"And yes you're right," I said to them, "I know that I do know this stuff. I have read all of these books you have just shown me."


I wondered to myself how much of the information I really knew (in both my heart and mind) and remembered.


When I got home, I pulled the selection down off the bookcase. As I flicked through some of the books  I remember no only the words so clearly,  I remember reading them and I remember when I read then.


Allowing Joy on-line


And so Allowing Joy as it is today (all on-line) was born.  It is for you. And if one single person benefits from any of the information that I share, that’s great.  If more that one person benefit, that’s fantastic!


You could say that this conversation with Spirit was my metaphorical kick up the bum.  They are straight, talking with love, in a direct style, no messing about. 


This is our co-creation, me and them.


Be the Change in the World.    I AM Being the change I wish to experience in the World.  Want to join me?


Sue xx



I ahve a private Facbook Group where we can discuss and elaborate on all this and much more, you are very welcome to join me thet - Allowing Joy with Sue Davies