Make your Affirmations more Potent - Sing them


Want to make your Affirmations more Potent?  As in Faster,  Bigger and  Better results than you could ever have imagined?  Let me share this light-hearted, yet often overlooked trick with you.


First things first….  Are you even wording them correctly?  Take a look at my Blog: Affirmations, making them work for you here.


A very significant point to remember, is that our brain doesn’t know the difference between Truth and Lies, but it needs to be believable.


For example, if I affirmed – “I am an award winning Concert Pianist”, that is highly unlikely in every possible way to come about. For starters, I don’t play the piano, never even tried, I don’t read music, nor do I even desire to be a Concert Pianist. So my brain would not fall for that one.   


It has to be part-way believable, let me give you an example….


Elton’s Self- fulfilling Prophesy

Now interestingly as I’m writing this I’m listening to some early Elton John music on Spotify, and the song that has just come up on shuffle is a track called I’m gonna be a Teenage Idol from the Don’t shot me I’m only the piano player album….    please stay with me….


For full impact of this example Google the lyrics if you like…  The point is, whether you like Elton’s music of not, this song I’m gonna be a Teenage Idol (lyrics by Bernie Taupin, music by Elton John) was recorded in 1972, and on an album in 1973.  This was early in Elton John’s career and before the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, the said song turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophesy, in a very good way, if you look back over his long career and estimated net worth of 500 million USD.


I wonder how many times Elton played and sang that song over the years?   It’s hugely potent combining words and music together. Elton was able to sing his own affirmation, and get paid handsomely for it!  In the 1970’s, they were both (Elton and Bernie) indeed Teenage Idols.


Sing them….


This brings me to my other example, in my video here….


When we add music, any sort of upbeat tune to our affirmations they become very much more potent. And more memorable, simply hearing the tune will bring the words to mind.


This in turn will spark off all sorts of chemistry and stuff in the brain (I’m not going to pretend I can explain it).


Not only that, the more fun and enjoyable Affirmations are to sing, the more you will be inclined to sing them, with gusto!


We each know from the music we choose to play at home, some makes us feel sad, some happy and some brings back emotive memories.


Choose what goes into your brain with care.


Your turn


Find a tune, something catchy and upbeat. Have a scroll through old tv adverts on YouTube if you need inspiration. Advertising ‘jingles’ are written to be short, catchy, memorable and most of all to get their message into your head.. Think…A Finger of Fudge,  Just one Cornetto,  Shake n’ Vac, Ovaltineys (before my time yet a good tune)….


Have a play fitting your Affirmations to the tune. Keep it fun!


How about trying out different musical styles, can you sing them in a TV advert cheesy style?


And why not dance around whilst you sing them, great exercise, good for muscle memory and reinforcing the potency of it.

Sing them with delight and Joy, like a celebration of it already happening now, Yay!


What are your most inspiring songs? Can you play on those lyrics and include your Affirmations.  I'd love tohear what you come up with, do let me know.




Sue xx