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If not now when?


I'd always wondered if I had any artistic leanings. Maybe there was something painty thing in my genes.


Unbeknownst to her parents, my mum applied for a scholarship as a schoolgirl, and won it.  Her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to go to art college otherwise, considering it rather frivolous. After college she got a job in as a tracer in a drawing office, something to do with Black box flight recorders and she loved it. Art and painting continued to be a love all her life, though as more of a hobby.


One of my sisters is also an accomplished artist. Creating beautiful and detailed watercolour paintings.


Being good enough


Somewhere in my brains, I’d got the message of not wasting paper and paint, that I shouldn’t do it if it wasn’t ‘good’.  But how do you get ‘good’ if you don’t practice? We all start somewhere.  And what is ‘good’ anyway?   I suspect I must have got this message as a child somewhere.


I’ll do it later


Creating Art was something that I had on my list for later…. When I had more time…. When I retire (I don’t intend to retire).


Was that simply procrastination against having a go?  Probably.


If not now when?


Then one day it struck me, the years are marching on, so if not now when?

Now that is something that can apply to anything.


Voyage of Discovery


I found a couple of introductory class to attend. Then a couple of online things. Different mediums. Different styles and techniques. 


I soon discovered what I didn’t particularly enjoy… rights, wrong and rules.  Nothing new there then – Haha!


So it had to be more spontaneous and fluid for me. Creating what inspired me rather than following a syllabus.  Since then I’ve mostly discovered things for myself, self-taught I suppose.


No Agenda


Let go and let flow seems to be my mantra these days. It also applies to creating Art.  The more I let go of any expectation and planned outcome, the more something amazing seems to occur.  It’s like the paint has its own mind, I am simply the facilitator.




To me, time in my Cabin with paint, pens and stuff is playtime, it’s a total delight!   Whatever the medium, simply allowing myself free expression for the fun of it.


Meditation and Guidance


There is also a meditative state that surfaces.  Allowing myself to immersion into the creative process, often with some inspiring music, I often feel Spirit with me and guiding me. When I stop thinking and simple BE, my hand is moved, a colour calls, something amazing emerges and the energy flowing into the piece is visceral.


Sometimes there has been a tremendous flowwing of Reiki energy during the creation of a piece.


Angel Art


More and more I’m being called to create Angelic images. 3 dimensional incorporating items like vintage lace, rhinestones and lots of texture.


I don’t design these images, they come to me in what I can only describe as a ‘download’.  Its pure delight from start to finish.


Fluid Art


As a result I’ve really enjoyed playing with Acrylic pouring, allowing the paint free reign and watching what emerges. Throwing in metallics and some glitter, if something doesn’t want to be seen it will simply sink out of sight.




I also love creating Jewellery using semi precious gems.


Upcycling delights me. Using all sorts of components from something discarded and forgotten, fiddling about with beads and bits of wire, then recreating them into something unique and individual, often with a Steampunk influence.


Inspiring you

If my creative journey inspires somebody else to have a go and play for the sheer enjoyment of it then I'm delighted to have shared my process.  It all simply lifts my heart.




I sell my creations in my Etsy on-line Store, take a look here Allowing Joy Art


Sue xx


I have a private Facebook Group where we explore all of this and much more. It's a safe space for conversations and you are very welcome to join me there - Allowing Joy with Sue Davies