Are you an Undercover Light Worker?


Not all light workers are Practitioners of a healing discipline in the public domain. Many are not wearing cloaks, adorned with crystals and smelling of patchouli oil, nor are they living in the wood with a dozen cats and a pet Raven.


‘Light workers’ as we might call them may indeed appear as any of the above.


Yet there are indeed far more members of the population who are what I’d call Undercover Light Workers amongst us. They are ordinary people, quietly doing what they do. They may be check out attendants in the supermarket, medical staff, carers, teachers, fire people, cleaners, lawyers or any other manner of jobs.


They appear to be ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs, living ordinary lives. When in truth they are EXTRA-ORDINARY individuals. They are in fact undercover light workers.


Doing what they do in their daily life, yet with their desire to help others, they are able bring through incredible healing energy to those they connect with. Being a channel of light, often without really realising it themselves.


Undercover Light Workers are able to reach sectors of the community and nature that I for instance, would never be able to reach, because of their everyday interactions.


How do I know this?


I know this to be true, because I have taught so many of these people Reiki.


Out of the several hundreds of people I have taught Reiki to in 20+ years (and to all levels), most have not gone on to be Practitioners. They instead, simply wanted to learn Reiki for themselves, maybe to support their loved ones also. Some students I know haven’t ever told anyone that they 'do' Reiki, not even their spouse.


Being an Undercover Light Worker doesn’t in anyway diminish their contribution. It absolutely does not mean that they are in any way less significant, than someone in public practice with their Reiki or Healing.


Undercover Light Workers are following their own path, combining it with living what could be called an ordinary life. I salute them!


Have you met one?


We have probably all encounter one of these wonderful Undercover Light Workers in our own lives.


The person that has a smile that lights up their very being.


An individual that seems to find exactly the right words to say at times of upheaval.


It’s the kindly being that will notice when someone is struggling and reach out to them, maybe running an errand or dropping in for a cuppa.


What drives them?


It's not an ego driven thing, Undercover Light Workers don't want to stand out for praise and adulation, to be the most significant person in their community. On the contrary, they are often quiet understated individuals, going about their own business.


The clue is in the name I use …. Undercover. Rather than being ego driven, they have a greater desire to help, support and to share love, be it with humans or animals. And most are almost oblivious to the significance of their actions.


Are you an Undercover Light Worker?


Quite probably if you’ve read this far.


Thank you for doing so :-)


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Sue xx


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